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Ribbed Bowl

Ribbed Bowl

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Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, infused with subtle imperfections that beautifully reflect the uniqueness found in nature, such as delicate air bubbles and graceful color variations. These imperfections are what make each piece truly special, like a work of art born from human hands and nature's inspiration.

The process involves the careful hand-mixing and coloring of each piece before it's poured and lovingly sealed, resulting in a distinctive look that ensures no two pieces are alike, much like the individuality of people.

Care Instruction:

To maintain their exceptional quality, it's important to treat these pieces with care. Avoid immersing them in water or subjecting them to prolonged moisture. Instead, a gentle wipe with a damp cloth followed by thorough drying is recommended, a task performed with the same care as tending to a cherished keepsake.

Despite their water-resistant seal, these products can still absorb liquids and waxes, akin to how people absorb experiences and memories. Over time, this may lead to marks or stains, much like the marks of life's journey etched into our souls.

For their optimal longevity and to preserve their emotional value, it's advisable to keep these treasures indoors, sheltered from the elements that might wear them down and reveal their imperfections, much like the way life's trials and tribulations shape us.

Please refrain from using these dishes as containers for food, for they are not meant for such practicality. Instead, think of them as vessels of emotion and artistry. Avoid subjecting them to dishwashers or microwaves, treating them with the same care and respect that we offer to those who touch our hearts.


      Length 17.0 cm x Depth 11.0 cm x Height 5.5 cm


           9cm x 8cm


          BrightCandlesCo candles are made from premium quality soy wax blend. We custom mix our dyes.

          Care Information

          While sculptural candles can serve as an excellent decorative feature, it's essential to follow the recommendations below if you plan on burning them for a short period.

          To prevent potential damage to your surfaces, it's crucial to place sculptural candles on a flat surface and a large ceramic dish before lighting, as the wax may melt unpredictably once ignited.

          As each candle is meticulously handcrafted, it's normal to observe minor imperfections such as micro air bubbles or slight frosting between pieces, much like the ancient and modern sculptures that serve as their inspiration.

          At BrightCandlesCo, our scented vessel candles are made with premium oils, lead-free cotton wicks and the finest soy blend waxes.

          To ensure a smooth and smoke-free burn, we recommend following these care guidelines:

          • To achieve optimal burning results, it's crucial to trim your candle wick to 5mm and place it on a flat, heat-proof surface before each use.
          • Soy was has a unique memory, and to fully enjoy the fragrance of your BrightCandlesCo scented candle, allow the melt pool to reach the vessel's outer edges on the first burn to prevent tunnelling in subsequent burns.
          • As a safety precaution, please never leave your candle unattended and keep it out of reach of children, pets, home furnishings, and drafts.
          • For best results and to preserve the scent, it's advisable not to burn your candle for more than two hours at a time.
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